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St Sharbel - Ceramic Icon Tile Size 6" × 8"

St Sharbel - Ceramic Icon Tile Size 6" × 8"

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St. Charbel Makhlouf is honored by both the Roman Catholic Church and many in the East, such as the Maronite Church.

When St. Paul VI canonized him in 1977, he prayed the following prayer, asking God to bless the Church, praying that St. Charbel’s example would inspire both East and West

Let us bless the Lord for having given us Saint Charbel Makhlouf, to revive the strength of his Church, by his example and his prayer. 

May the new saint continue to exert his prodigious influence, not only in Lebanon, but in the East and in the entire Church! 

May he intercede for us, poor sinners, who too often do not dare to risk the experience of the beatitudes which nevertheless lead to perfect joy! 

May he intercede for his brothers in the Lebanese Maronite Order, and for the entire Maronite Church, whose merits and trials everyone knows! 

May he intercede for the dear country of Lebanon, may he help it to overcome the difficulties of the hour, to heal the wounds that are still alive, to walk in hope! May he support it and direct it on the right and just path, as we will sing about it presently! 

May his light shine above Annaya, rallying men in concord and drawing them to God, whom he henceforth gazes upon in eternal bliss!



Ceramic Tile

  6" × 8"
Width, in 6.00
Height, in 8.00
Depth, in 0.24


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