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Rosary Team

St Charbel Ceramic Ceramic Icon Tile Size 6" × 8"

St Charbel Ceramic Ceramic Icon Tile Size 6" × 8"

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Oh, miraculous Saint Sharbel, from whose immaculate body, which

overpowers corruption, radiates the scent of heaven, come to my rescue

and grant me from God the grace which I am in need of (name the grace).


Oh, Saint Sharbel pray for me.

Oh Lord, who was bestowed on Saint Sharbel the grace of faith, I plead to

you to grant me through his intercession that divine grace to live according

to your commandments and Bible. The Glory is yours till the end. Amen.

Icon tile. Choose between a glossy or a matte finish and enjoy the full-color image reproduction

.: One size

.: Glossy or matte finish

.: Full-color image reproduction

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