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Rosary Team

Sacred Heart #UVPhoneSanitizer #WirelessCharger

Sacred Heart #UVPhoneSanitizer #WirelessCharger

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UV Phone Sanitizer and Wireless Charging Pad

Lord Jesus Let my heart never rest until it finds You, who are its center, its love, and its happiness. By the wound in Your heart pardon the sins that I have committed whether out of malice or out of evil desires. Place my weak heart in Your own divine Heart, continually under Your protection and guidance, so that I may persevere in doing good and in fleeing evil until my last breath. Amen. - St. Margaret Mary Alacoque


Clean up to 99% of harmful microorganisms and keep any phone from becoming a portable petri dish while also charging it. This 2-in-1 UV Phone Sanitizer and Wireless Charging Pad utilizes UV-C light technology to clean your phone in just 90 seconds - with a deep cleaning mode also available at 5 minutes. The wireless pad supports 5W wireless charging and is compatible with most plastic phone cases.

.: Two UV germicidal LEDs (270-280nm wavelength)
.: Kills 99% of microorganisms
.: Works upon being plugged in a power outlet
.: Includes a 39" USB to Type C charging cable
.: Supports 5W wireless charging and works with most plastic phone cases

  One size
Width, in 5.00
Height, in 1.50
Depth, in 8.00

Perfect fit - It can sanitize almost anything that fits inside, such as large phones (iPhone 12 Pro Max), keys, credit cards, watches, eyeglasses, jewelry, etc.

Multiple modes - Press the button once for a short 90-second sanitization. Press the button twice for a 5-minute deep clean sanitization. The sanitization will be stopped automatically once the lid is lifted to avoid UV light exposure.

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