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Our Lady of Las Lajas Ceramic Icon Tile Size 6" × 8"

Our Lady of Las Lajas Ceramic Icon Tile Size 6" × 8"

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Our Lady of Las Lajas This image, known as Our Lady of Las Lajas, is clearly of miraculous origin. The colors have not lost any of their brilliance over the centuries, and they are not a paint or coloring that has been applied to the surface of the stone. Geological samples collected have proven that the color actually permeates the rock, for, as impossible as it may sound, the colors of the image are perfectly evenly distributed and reach several feet into the face of the cliff. Scientists cannot explain it, while those who hate God deny the obvious and attempt to distort the truth of its miraculous origin. A Gothic style church has since been built to house the wondrous image, and in 1952 Pope Pius XII granted a canonical crowning of Our Lady of Las Lajas and her Divine Son. There are many amazing incidents involving apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary related throughout history, and nearly countless times where she has come to give her special assistance to men. One of the most astonishing events involves a little known apparition, Our Lady of Las Lajas, and a miracle that can still be witnessed today on a cliff face of Guaitara Canyon in Colombia, South America. It was in the year 1754 when a woman named Maria Mueses de Quinones was traveling from her home in the village of Potosi to the neighboring village of Ipiales, which was about 6 miles away. The trail had turned down into the gorge formed by the Guaitara River when Maria was caught in a sudden squall. She did not like this shadowy and overgrown place, for she, like all the natives, believed the grotto known as Las Lajas (The Rocks) was inhabited by the devil. Despite her fears, Maria was soon forced by the violence of the storm to take refuge there anyway. Making the Sign of the Cross and invoking the aid of the Blessed Virgin, Maria peered fearfully into the darkness as she took her first few halting steps into the cave. Surrounded by the awful darkness she was just beginning to look about when she felt someone, or something, moving directly behind her. Afraid to turn around, she ignored the feeling until she felt a finger begin tapping her insistently on the shoulder. Certain it was the devil himself, Maria fled out into the raging storm. Maria had a young daughter named Rosa, a child who had been a deaf-mute since birth. Sometime later, returning home from Ipiales, Maria was carrying Rosa on her back on the way to their village when she suddenly was suddenly overcome by exhaustion. Unable to go any further, she sat down and rested on a large stone near the dreadful grotto. “Mommy, look at the mestiza who has detached herself from the rock with a little boy in her arms and two little mestizos at her side!” With a stifled cry Maria sprang to her feet, for it was her little Rosa who had spoken. Now the child was beginning to crawl happily up the tumbled stones toward the entrance to the grotto. Maria caught up her daughters’ hand and lifted the child from the rubble before turning to flee without once looking back.


Icon tile. Choose between a glossy or a matte finish and enjoy the full-color image reproduction 

NB! Wooden stand visible in mockup pictures is NOT included.

.: One size

.: Glossy or matte finish

.: Full-color image reproduction 

  6" × 8"
Width, in 6.00
Height, in 8.00
Depth, in 0.24


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