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Nativity Icon - Brushed Aluminum Print

Nativity Icon - Brushed Aluminum Print

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Christ was the mystery hidden throughout all ages – just as his coming in the cave was hidden from most people. But the glory of this mystery is Christ in you (cf. Col. 1:26-27). In this way, the cave became an icon of every heart that opens itself to Christ.

Caves, with all of their mystery and darkness, hidden chambers and secret places, are truly a reflection of the dark, mysterious heart within each one of us. But like the cave Christ entered on Christmas day, our hearts can become the dwelling place of His majestic glory. Like the ox and ass, we have both clean and unclean things in our hearts – the things that are good and not so good. We have the devil whispering doubts or evil things to us. But we also have the Theotokos praying for us.

All the distractions in our lives pull us outside of our hearts. Because of that, we have terrible self-awareness. But when we enter into our hearts, we find that Christ is there. But what does that mean?

Imagine Joseph getting up and walking away from the devil, saying, “I’m tired of listening to you and your lies.” He prays to God to help him; he gets up and walks to the cave where Christ and the Mother of God are. That is the beginning of descending into the heart. Of finding the mystery hidden from all eternity, dwelling within our hearts as He once dwelt in a cave near the little town of Bethlehem.

Nativity icon is full of beautiful symbolism

-- Brushed Aluminum Print - Your Icon printed on brushed aluminum looks amazing and lasts a lifetime. As it is light it is well-suited also for large formats and art pieces. Colors are highly saturated, even in large monochrome areas. The print is matte and glare-free. Icons look especially stunning. - Direct printing - Image is printed straight onto the surface of the aluminum Dibond panel - The brushed aluminum adds texture and depth to your photo - Matte and glare-free - The grain direction is horizontal - Includes a hanging kit- style depends on country of fulfillment

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