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Marina of Macedon (Beria), reverend

Marina of Macedon (Beria), reverend

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The Monks Marina and Cyrus, sisters, lived in the IV century in the city of Beria (Asia Minor). Their parents were noble and wealthy, but the sisters, having reached adulthood, left home and retired from the city. Having fenced off a small corner of the earth, the holy virgins filled up the entrance to their refuge with stones and clay, leaving only a small hole through which they were served food, and lived there in the open air. On their bodies, they wore heavy iron chains and patiently endured hunger: for three years, they ate food once every 40 days. Their former maids came to them, wishing to join their ascetic life. The saints placed them in a separate house not far from the fence and guided them, rousing them to deeds of prayer and fasting. They fought in this way for 40 years.

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