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Lord Save Me #WoodPrint #WoodIcon

Lord Save Me #WoodPrint #WoodIcon

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Lord Save Me - The presentation depicts another miracle performed by Our Lord. According to the records of Evangelist Matthew, one day Jesus was praying on a hill, when a terrible storm suddenly hit the sea. Jesus' disciples were in the boat at that time, struggling with the waves. Immediately Jesus approached them, walking on the sea. Then the Apostle Peter wanted to go next to Him and, without realizing it, began to walk on the waves as if he were on the shore! However, when he looked at the waves, he was intensely terrified, and his faith was shaken. Immediately he began to sink and cried out in anguish, "Lord, save me" and indeed Jesus Christ saved him!


Beautiful wood prints. The grain comes through on your print, giving your images a rustic look. Wood prints intensify the image's natural feel. The wood prints are very versatile, available in various sizes and perfect for multiple uses.

- Clean edges - prints are all the way to the edge

- Prints available in both thin and thick options

- Easily mount on your wall

- Strong, rigid and amazingly lightweight

- Thin wood prints come with a mounting kit

- Thick wood prints have a groove for hanging

- Made of FSC® certified wood. When not available PEFC or equivalent.

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