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Kyrie sōson me – Lord save me Ceramic Icon Tile Size 6" × 8"

Kyrie sōson me – Lord save me Ceramic Icon Tile Size 6" × 8"

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Κύριε σῶσόν με (Kyrie sōson me – Lord save me)

The words Matthew uses for the storm are powerful: it is not just waves, but waves that torture, that cause terrible distress. The apostles are paralyzed with fear and lack of faith. Then out of the darkness comes a figure across these huge waves, walking toward them. No wonder they yell that it is a ghost after twelve hours of this tossing around with no one to comfort them and no hope of getting to land. What Jesus says to them is extremely important, and poorly translated in the New American Bible reading we just heard. He says, Take heart, or have confidence. And then He says  I AM – the Name of God – and then have no fear. The storm that was their greatest fear now reveals their beloved Teacher. He does not swoop down in glory from the mountain and wipe out the storm – He comes to them from inside the storm. Peter knows Who it is by His Voice – they still can’t see Jesus. And Peter again is the voice of faith: He calls Jesus Kyrios, Lord. And then in true Peter style, If it is You – a mix of belief and unbelief – call me. The storm is still raging, but Peter and Christ are talking to one another inside the storm. Jesus invites Peter to come to Him, and after twelve hours of absolute misery Peter has such faith that he steps out of the boat; he leaves his only security and gives himself over to the fury of wind, crashing waves, fearful noise, and heads toward Jesus, Who is still a distance away.

Peter does just fine until — he notices the strong wind and is afraid.  The moment he takes his eyes off Jesus, he sinks into the chaos. There was a bridge between Peter and Jesus: Peter said, bid me come to Thee; Jesus answered Come! and now Peter breaks the bridge. Only as he sinks does he cry again, Lord, Kyrios, Save me!


Add anything from logos to photos or custom branding messages on this custom photo tile. Choose between a glossy or a matte finish and enjoy the full-color image reproduction for all your artwork.

.: One size
.: Glossy or matte finish
.: Full-color image reproduction for photos, artwork or business logos
.: Personalizable to perfection

  6" × 8"
Width, in 6.00
Height, in 8.00
Depth, in 0.24


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