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Rosary Team

Icon Virgin Mary and Divine Child ✠ Brushed #Aluminum #MetallicIcon #AluminumPrint

Icon Virgin Mary and Divine Child ✠ Brushed #Aluminum #MetallicIcon #AluminumPrint

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Oh, Divine Child, give me Your Love to recognize my mistakes, give me wisdom and humility to accept that along the path I am a learner and my reason is not always the right one.

Give me Your Humility to learn to recognize the knowledge of my brothers.

Little Child Jesus, True God, live in my heart so that I do not deny my Faith in You and thus repair the occasions in which I have chosen the mundane and I have denied You.

That my good intentions be concrete actions to repair my faults with the firm decision not to offend you.

Come, my adored Child, take possession of me, heal my mind, my thought and allow my eyes to look at the sorrow of others at all times.

Give me I beg you, thirst for You, so that I do not offend you in front of trials, threats, man’s dominion, that I may be faithful to Your Majesty on every occasion.

I adore you Child Jesus in every human creature, I bless you Child Jesus in the name of my neighbor and in my own name.

I, (say the name of the person) I give myself to You, and together with me, with firm and healthy purpose I give my family and all humanity to You. Amen.

Brushed Aluminum Print

Your Icon printed on brushed aluminum looks amazing and lasts a lifetime. As it is light it is well-suited also for large formats and art pieces. Colors are highly saturated, even in large monochrome areas. The print is matte and glare-free. Icons look especially stunning.

  • Direct printing – Image is printed straight onto the surface of the aluminum Dibond panel
  • The brushed aluminum adds texture and depth to your icon
  • Matte and glare-free
  • The grain direction is horizontal
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